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MS, Dipl.OM, LAc.


Many people who come to see me are struggling with an illness or an injury that has not responded fully to conventional treatments. Most have never seen an acupuncturist before and are unsure what to expect. Part of my goal as a practitioner is to help move clients back onto a path towards a better quality of life.


I believe that Western and Eastern Medicine are not mutually exclusive.  Each day, I work with individuals who incorporate physical therapy, reproductive endocrinology, and general western medicine as part of their health regimen. I’ve seen the “hybrid power” of combining western and eastern medicine.


The great strength of traditional Chinese medicine is its focus on wellness. Most people know what they need to do to be healthy. They just aren’t sure how to start. For one person I may help by relieving her neck pain so that she starts getting a full night’s sleep. For another it may mean relieving his hip and low back pain so he can start exercising again. For yet another it could be help to balancing mood to decrease stress eating. I work to empower people to live healthier lives so that in the long run they don’t need to rely on acupuncture or herbs.


To best suit the individual needs of my patients, I use 2 different styles of acupuncture.  My training, schooling and foundation are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which often combines Chinese herbs with acupuncture.  Additionally, I incorporate a style that uses very few needles and often obtains dramatic results.  This style is known as Balance Method/Dr. Tan style and Master Tung needling. Both of these styles use a holistic approach to minimize discomfort and maximize health benefits.


To become an acupuncturist I completed a four-year Master of Science degree program in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in San Francisco, CA. I am board certified in acupuncture by the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and am a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, I am licensed as an acupuncturist in the state of California where I practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine as a primary care provider. I received my B.A. in Psychology and Health Science from the University of Colorado, at Boulder.


In addition to practicing Chinese medicine, I enjoy traveling, outdoor adventuring, and spending time with my Husband and two Daughters.








In order to provide the best possible treatment(s) and to ensure your safety, I request you:


• Inform me of all medications, supplements, herbs, pharmaceutical drugs, or special foods taken.

• Inform me of any treatments you are currently involved with.

• Fill out the “New Patient” forms as completely as possible, preferably before coming to your appointment.

• Inform me of anything new or different at each return visit.

• Inform me if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.






• Eat a light meal or snack prior to your treatment (within a couple of hours) - avoid heavy meals, fasting or long periods since last meal or snack.

• Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs prior to the treatment.

• Please wear clothing that can be rolled up above the knee and elbow. Most treatments do not require the removal of clothing.





• Your first treatment is approximately 1.5 hours and involves an initial consultation in which a diagnosis is made and I determine which TCM treatments are right for you. The acupuncture needles will be retained about 20 – 30 minutes.

• Follow-up visits consist of a much shorter intake/diagnosis period before treatment, and generally last for 1 hour.





• Everything concerning your treatment is kept confidential.

• Information is released ONLY by your written consent, or if required by certain circumstances, such as a court order or a life-threatening emergency situation.

• Protection of your privacy is mandated by law, by professional ethics and by my personal integrity.





• Payment, by cash, check or credit card, is expected at the time of treatment.





More about Traditional Chinese Medicine:

• Between Heaven and Earth - Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold

• The Web That Has No Weaver - Ted Kaptchuk




Chinese Medicine Approach to Fertility:

• The Infertility Cure – Randine Lewis

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• Fertility Wisdom – Angela Wu



Nutrition – From A Chinese Medicine Viewpoint:

• Healing with Whole Foods – Paul Pitchford

•  The Dao of Nutrition – Maoshing Ni




• Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine: A Parent’s Guide to the Care & Prevention of Common Childhood Diseases. By Bob Flaws (Mar 1999)

• Be the Boss of Your Pain: Self-Care for Kids (Be The Boss Of Your Body®) by Timothy Culbert M.D. and Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P. M.P.H. (Jul 10, 2007)

• Be the Boss of Your Stress (Be The Boss Of Your Body®) by Timothy Culbert M.D. and Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P. M.P.H. (Jul 10, 2007)

• Be the Boss of Your Sleep (Be The Boss Of Your Body®) by Timothy Culbert M.D. (Jul 10, 2007)

• Be Fit, Be Strong, Be You (Be The Boss Of Your Body®) by Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P. M.P.H. and Timothy Culbert M.D. (May 1, 2010)





National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

Wisconsin Society of Certified Acupuncturists (WISCA)

Finding Science in Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Kids




Treatment space in Needham, MA


"Alana did some therapy on me and the results were amazing! I recently injured my ribs and within 2 sessions, the pain is completely gone! But on a more exciting notion, I've had a forearm injury from golfing that has plagued me for more than 7 years, and after 1 session, the pain has not returned. I think I have found my Savior ... thank you Alana!!!"

Rory P.

"Alana is an amazing individual! I feel so very blessed to have her apart of not only my recent cancer journey, but also everyday balance and overall maintenance. She exceeds all expectations in every aspect and always goes above and beyond. She continues to research and educate herself in regard to your symptoms that you are experiencing and takes an active approach to your well being. She truly cares and listens wholeheartedly. She can pinpoint things that I did not even know were possible to address! I would recommend her to everyone and anyone, not only for health issues...but overall balance and well being. She has been a huge asset in my recovery, as well as my cancer-free diagnosis. I look forward to a lifetime of utilizing her expertise!"

Crystal S.

"My visit with Alana was very successful.  The thing I liked most about working with her was that she listened to me.  Her demeanor is very reassuring and I did not ever feel like I was getting anything than sound professional advice. There was honestly a moment during the treatment when I felt an amazing rush of joy.  When she asked me how I was doing, I said, "Blissed out."   Because I went there for my "overwhelm" of being a single mom running my own business, I would say it went very well."

Kara W.

"I just wanted you to know that since the acupuncture session this morning, my sinus headache immediately disappeared, my neck has never turned so much in three months and my PMS is 100% gone! I am so happy. Thank you!"

Linda C.

"Meeting Alana, one becomes automatically at ease. Not only is she highly skilled, her demeanor is peaceful yet knowledgeable at the same time. And with acupuncture, this is extremely beneficial for the treatment. As for the results, I was impressed to find that they not only worked, they specifically addressed the issues we had spoke about."

Stephanie K.

"Alana, you’re a GENIUS! Today I ran 3.5 miles (easy pace). No pain then. No pain now. I’m a happy man!! Thanks again!!"

Maurice D.

"I went to Alana for help in treating newly diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After only one treatment, I felt so much better than I had in weeks. Alana walked me through the process, took a complete health and digestive history, and offered nutritional suggestions as a corollary to the wonderful treatment she provided. I was amazed by how relaxed and energetic I felt after acupuncture."

Leilah G.

"I saw Alana for the last trimester of my pregnancy, and her treatments not only helped me deal with physical pain I was having, but also helped me with anxiety.  Additionally, I had two treatments to induce labor after I was 10 days overdue, and the second treatment resulted in my baby's birth the following day."

Hannah A.

"Alana is a very intuitive healer with a wonderful knowledge of her specialty. She helped me with back problems and with allergy and pain problems. It made a huge difference for me!"

Jake R.

"I wanted to write and say thank you for everything you have done for my wife.  I don't know if you truly know the effect you have had on her.  Since the beginning of her symptoms many have said that they will be able to help her and that they will see her through and not give up.  With just about all of them, that has not been even close to the case.  Doctors just throw medicine at her, and say see you in six months, and reassure themselves that they are right, and that no one else would be able to treat her better.  Physical therapists have all the answers at the first couple visits only to say, well that is all I can do, sorry.  It appears to her that you truly have her needs as the most important.  I have seen the results in more good days than ever before, and also a true change in her insomnia.  You have truly had an impact on my wife's life and for this I thank you.  Where others have given up and basically said oh well, you have stayed with it.  I will never be able to write all the ways that you have impacted her life but know that you have.  I am so glad she has found you, because without you I do not know how much hope my wife would have.  Thank you for taking care of my Queen."

John M.

"I cannot say enough about what a great healer and acupuncturist Alana is. She helped me immensely during my pregnancy, especially in the last few months, when my physical discomfort was at its most challenging. I was suffering from severe Restless Leg Syndrome and Alana's treatments were the only thing that gave me relief. Alana has also come to my rescue both during and after my pregnancy when my back went out. She made great efforts to treat me so that I could recover as quickly and stress free as possible. I would highly recommend Alana to anyone, but especially to pregnant and postpartum women. She is sensitive and nurturing and really understands what you are going through, being a mom herself."

Heather G.

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MS, Dipl.OM, LAc.

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